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Announcement - Blog Launch (please read)
December 17, 2018

Announcement - Blog Launch (please read)

It has finally arrived!

You may not have known it, but you've been waiting for this moment your whole life, and guess what—it's finally arrived! Are you ready for it? Can this really be happening? Are you regretting the decision to read this? Will I just get on with it?  Here it goes: I am excited to introduce the new UpEngine blog! Not what you were expecting? Well, get used to it, baby! (Also, didn't you see the title of this article?) We have big plans, maybe even huuge plans for articles, to which we will be exposing your highly suggestable brains. Oh yes, we have plans alright. Just imagine the following:

  1. Charts
  2. Diagrams
  3. Pictures
  4. Words
  5. And More
  6. And Robots

We are confident that this medium will support our company's mission: to inform, equip, and excite small businesses with the power of the internet, design, and software. We will publish articles of value to any small business looking to succeed online. We will cover topics that have not been adequately discussed or covered in-depth, and in doing so, we will communicate a unique take on digital design while inspiring you to liberate your creative spirit. No, I wouldn't say we are freedom writers or anything, but you can if you want.

We promise to publish only read-worthy articles that offer actionable tactics for our readers, and we hope our words inspire a smile every now and then. Our articles won't just appeal to the dreamer in you, i.e., make you go to sleep, but will also keep you awake, reading our articles, of course. We will publish content that covers areas of real business growth. This includes marketing, software, web design, branding, struggle, hopelessness, regret, and so on. Mostly, we want to cover anything that a business may want a computer, phone or tablet (or loan shark) to accomplish. That may sound a bit ambitious, but I like to think it sounds, well, non-specific. No matter the topic we cover, we want to help your business leverage technology and the internet to prosper. We really do have big plans for this blog, so please stay tuned, subscribe, and readUP.‍ 

Our Target Readers

At UpEngine, we aim to help small businesses of all shapes and sizes to flourish online. If you've made it to our site, you are likely part of this demographic. We are delighted you've come and that someone has clicked on this blog post (hi, Mom). Whether your business is online or on Main Street, you, no doubt, can see the potential benefits from visibility online. If so, you have come to the right place. We hope you find something relevant to your company's goals on our blog! 

Since you're still reading this, maybe we can make some waves on this digital frontier together. In the comments below, let us know if there is a topic you would like us to cover, or send us a message on our contact page.


Andy Jones

Andy is the founder of UpEngine and pretty laid back guy. He has been helping companies succeed online for over a decade. He particularly enjoys following design trends and discovering new software. He is a writer first, designer second, and musician third. He enjoys a good chicken sandwich and the challenge of appealing to users in logical, functional ways.

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