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Our client's websites are build to perform. You need a site that gets found. We are here to help. We are designers and SEO experts that dedicate our skills to helping small businesses flourish online.
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We are partners in your success. We maintain. update, automate and refresh. We keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape so that you don't have to. This allows you to focus on running your business and doing what you do best.
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We build genuinely custom sites using your input to create a custom conversion strategy. We are not bound by templates made for no one in particular. We are only bound by our imagination. And we are creatives first.
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How do you stand out in the crowd if you aren't moving? Get in front of your audience and get found. We are your SearchEngineers™ and we know you're ready for a more reliable and experienced SEO partner. We take the organic approach to ranking, based on your unique search goals.
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We want to give you some space to do what you do best while we worry about your website. Our plans are reasonable and ongoing, meaning we keep up to date with search trends, provide fresh content and update your site's design, so you never have to "buy" a whole new website again.

Ever judge a business by their website? Your customers have too.

"As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product."
- Jeff Raskin (Apple)
Good to know

6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Designer

Do they know your industry?

Having your website created by a web firm that is not familiar with your industry does not necessarily spell disaster. However, your market and industry are unique and so are your needs. Our team has worked in many areas of the service industry and have even owned service businesses and flourished online. Our expertise in this area shines through in our content, conversion goals, and marketing efforts. For example, does your site display something that is not approved by OSHA, or that doesn't meet minimum requirements for regulated services? Would your industry benefit from marketing avenues that other sectors do not? Let our experts help you get off the ground in less time and with the right tools. We know what works in the service industry.

How well do they know their industry?

Web design is in constant flux. This means continuous design and search changes that any good designer or developer will want to keep up with. These changes should be considered when designing, developing AND maintaining successful websites. Changes are frequent and can quickly affect your online presence. This may include changes to website structure standards, link building, citations management or mobile design practices. Make sure your web designer isn't only good at one thing. Perhaps they do well in ranking your site, but your site is still ugly and doesn't convert well. Or maybe you have a beautiful site that has been sitting on page 3 of Google for years. Ask your designer basic design questions like "above the fold content" is, or what are the best resources to educate yourself on SEO. Also, ask them what their strategy on your site will be. And check to see where their own website appears in the search results.

Do they over promise?

Were you told that your site would be #1 in Google within a couple months? Run. No one but Google can promise this. Know that other SEO professionals may be working on your competition's sites. Unless you know everything everyone does and every nuance of Google's algorithm you cannot guarantee a specific ranking or your target keywords. Sure a site may enjoy quick gains when it is new, but most often you will see a drop in ranking once Google gets to know the site a little better. We have seen competitors rank a site very quickly using shady techniques that Google's bots will in time penalize. But since many designers bank on ignorance and desperation, they take your money and are gone by then. SEO is a long game, and you need to focus on more than purely ranking speed. If a web designer is not knowledgeable enough to communicate realistic expectations but only that your site will rank well quickly perhaps they are not in for the long haul. But if you feel like they have real knowledge and experience it never hurts to ask to see a couple examples of their past work. And more than one keyword result per sample site. If you are not sure about a proposal, give us a call for a 'second opinion,' and we'll be happy to provide consultation.

Do all their sites look the same?

If the answer is yes, that does NOT necessarily mean they aren't productive or good SEOs. But are they really web designers? How much effort do they put into your website? Its ok for sites to have similar elements as practical design elements trend for a reason, but if they use templates or pre-packed themes for their clients, you may be missing out on a truly custom site by using them. Customizing the look and feel of a website to look both modern and unique brings real VALUE to your website. Finding a template that is designed for your specific industry is hard. Rather than just changing colors and move things around a bit, we offer our clients fully customized sites that are mocked up first in Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator. We don't rely on plugins to tell us our SEO work is effective either. Many designers put out Wordpress sites and tell clients that they are better because you can easily edit them yourself later. They might even charge you more for this feature! The truth is, more likely, that they make Wordpress sites because it's easier and cheaper for them. They also aren't likely to tell you that Wordpress sites use plugins that need to be updated continuously to stay secure and relevant. This means you will have to come back for their help anyway. At UpEngine we sell custom design, not just custom content. Our clients love their sites and are happy to leave the editing to someone else so they can focus on what they do best.

Are they hard to contact?

If your potential web designer is hard to reach before you agree to work together it is likely they will not be any easier to reach after you do. A website is often the most important lead generating engine in a company's marketing strategy. If you cannot make a change or fix an error quickly, it can mean a real loss of revenue. There are many designers out there who don't take phone calls, only email and voicemail. Often that works fine. They may be a small outfit who stay busy working on websites all day. But if a firm takes days or weeks to respond even to emails or voicemails, you may want to look elsewhere. It is no secret that poor communication reflects deeper problems that so often affect other areas of a business' productivity. Issues that you do not want to deal with when it comes to your online success. Although we are a small firm, we return emails and voicemails 5 days a week. If you leave us a message, you will hear back from us within a day. If you are a client, it will be even quicker. We are sensitive to our client's business' needs and will not leave you wondering if we are ignoring you. Give us a call right now to see for yourself.

Is their website ugly?

A simple test of any web design firm. If a web design firm wants to build you a modern and attractive site and have not done so for themselves it is likely that your site will not be attractive either. This is true in most businesses. Would you hire a guy to clean your car who shows up in a van that you can't tell the color of because of all the dirt? Or would you hire a lawyer who shows up to meetings in sweat pants? Perception means conversion in any industry and a good design firm knows and applies this to their own business. Especially if what he is selling is conversion based websites.

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