Welcome to UpEngine

We are small creative team of mostly 90's kids who still have hopes of world domination (after coffee) and even higher hopes of being the best company in our niche online. We are creatives first, overly ambitious by nature, realist by coercion, and dreamers by midnight-2am. We are glad you found our site, so pull up a chair and stay a while. If you are convinced we have something your business needs, please give us a call.

Who We Are

We are a team of designers, developers and digital rocket scientists who have come together to work on something great. We are individuals who have worked for design angencies, big media coporations, the hospitalty industry and even run service businesses. Each one of us has 5-10 years of experience doing what we do. We hire by merit and hire for keeps. Tattoos and intiations etc.

What We Do

We help businesses become brands and brands become noticed online. We tend to our plot of the digital landscape through web design, search engine optimization and graphic design. Our services are offered to all but our niche of choice is the service industry. We help service industry clients grow locally by reinforcing their presence online with conversion based web design and social proof of their good work.

How We Do It

By creating websites and graphics that offer real measured, value we accomplish our mission. Each person in our team has a real stake in the companies reputation and we succeed with patience and good communication. Being honest with our clients helps us build on the foundation laid by a creative spirit and our own industry expertise. We only succeed using these resources and client collaboration.

Our Company

Our Works

A Site for Sore Eyes

We put clients websites ahead of our own. Just look around.. but don't worry, our site will be finished this month Sept 2018.
All Works
Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning
Sunfire Specialty Cleaning
“Upengine helped us so much, they created a beautiful new website for our company Sunfire Specialty Cleaning! It works seamlessly and they did everything we wanted and more. Totally recommend!!!.”
Joeleen Neal
Sunfire Specialty Cleaning
Owner Pic
“In less than 5 months our new site has gained higher ranking on many keywords than our old site had in 4 years. We are currently on the top half of page one for many of our target keywords. I'm excited about the future.”
Quinten J
Witherspoon Chandelier Cleaning
owner pic

Meet The Team

Below you will find some of our current team members. We are growing fast. More pics to come.
Project Manager / SEO
The founder of UpEngine, a family man and a artist, Andy has been designing websites and performing SEO work for nearly 12 years. Andy oversees each website project and is really a big picture guy (ie Michael Scott). Often seen in Florida, Cali, or Costa Rica, Andy is still easy to reach.
Customer Success Man
Daron's expertise is his wit and his vernacular. A frequent public speaker and sleep enthusiast, Daron not only has a weird spelled name but also a weird taste in music. Daron is a former service-business owner and accomplished talker and probably a great swordsman too. Just sayin.
Luke is a gifted UI/UX designer with 8 years of experience creating for web, mobile, and even software applications. Luke is patient and proactive and always trying to find the best solution for all kind of projects. Luke lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.
Need something done by tomorrow? Dmitry never sleeps. He works behind the scenes to make web layouts and mockups into real websites. He knows what users want and will work overtime to make an idea work even if it seems insignificant to others. When Dmitry is not working he is traveling and loves nature.
Our resident logo guru, George brings style to the UpEngine team. He helps brands to get noticed with a design reflecting their passion. George is honest about project concepts he loves and also the ones he hates and is quick to offer a modern take on a mark. Oh and he is also a tree expert. For real.
Chris is our resident javascript expert. If there is a problem to fix he can make it work. He studied IT and communication engineering in Germany. He previously worked as a network operator for the mobile telecommunications industry and began developing websites in 2008.

Team Locations

Our diverse team brings expertise together from many digital fronts.
Donauwoerth, Germany
Warsaw, Poland
Orotina, Costa Rica
Orlando, Florida
Los Angeles, California